It’s Not the Camera | Flying

Travel PhotographyYou haven’t seen a tree until you’ve seen its shadow from the sky.  ~Amelia Earhart

In the sky, up beyond where the clouds play, the world below looks like somebody spilled a bag of cotton balls onto the landscape.  The shadows from the cotton ball clouds look like dark ink stains, seemingly staining the surface of the earth forever, not just until the clouds pass.  From above my eyes view the scene with bemusement – it all looks SO different here in the sky, from a beyond-birds-eye vantage point.  The reality is that our perspectives constantly shift, our world experiences never mirror another, never perfectly duplicate.  While two people may be in the same place, experiencing the same thing, the way they judge that reality may be different (in fact it probably is).  The thing about perspective is that clouds can either look like puffy balls of white against a blue backdrop when looking up to the sky or they seem to stain the earth below when looking down from above.

That’s the truly one big life lesson that takes time to learn: ones’ perception is ones’ reality, it means that the same scene may have thousands of different perspectives.  I guess this life lesson means that it’s never wise to take yourself too seriously, chances are you could be wrong.

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