Happy Holidays!

As the 2011 Holidays come to fruition today on Christmas Eve I am reminded of the great gifts I have been given, not just this past year but for the past MANY years.  I am thankful for the dawn of yet another Christmas Eve and the time that I am given here to spend with those that matter most to me.

I am so thankful that I finally got my Holiday cards out & sent!  This year I was handed a more hectic (than the usually hectic!) December, the cards were the least of my worries hence the truly waiting for the 11th hour on those.   Thankfully (again!) my clients and friends should expect their card in the mail.   My online greeting for you today as we celebrate Christmas Eve:


And I thought I’d share a heart warming YouTube clip, I saw it on my friend Simone’s photography blog and thought “what a perfect share for this time of year!”  Those that work with children know what a crazy undertaking this must’ve been but beautifully executed:

Hart those sweet accents.

Happy Holidays to you & yours,

Whatever the reason for celebrating this season-

Many wishes for a beautiful 2012.

Love, Mare (& family)

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