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Chicago-Childrens-PhotographerSome of my blog readers may recognize Professional Photographer Magazine as one that I mention from time to time on the blog.  On (lucky) occasions I am asked to review products for them and it’s never been less of a thrill for me to be asked to work with the publication.

I am most fortunate and forever grateful that once again some of my life’s work has gone to print.  This time my work is featured in Professional Photographer Magazine.  I won’t include the hundreds of moments of “WOW!?!” I’ve been dealing with since the possibility of this arose several months ago.  Those moments multiplied when I got news that the art director wanted some of my images also throughout the magazine in the table of contents and in The Goods section.  “Giddy” is an understatement.

Thank you for stopping in, checking it out and sharing in my excitement and joy and most of all in sharing in my successes and being part of my journey.  Much love to you my clients and friends.  Subscribers to the magazine (and members of the PPA) can access it via the web right now as the current month’s digital edition, the hard copy should arrive on doorsteps of photographers everywhere, hopefully very soon!










(and for any photographers out there – if you are not already part of the largest association of photographers – there truly are benefits to joining PPA – check out the link and all the benefits associated with membership)

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  • Altax - May 4, 2012 - 5:54 am

    Lovely pictures and awesome photography.

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