Commercial photography shoot for Madly Wish

From the Madly Wish "In A Twist" underwear shoot, a photo of two young children playing in the forest in their Madly Wish underwear Photo of a boy holding a pretzel balloon wearing Madly Wish underwear

A few post shoot images for your viewing enjoyment from the children’s commercial photography shoot for Madly Wish — including some of the cutest littles in the Chicago area!

It was, again, my pleasure to be chosen as the photographer for this marketing photo shoot for Madly Wish.  We brainstormed before our big day on how to showcase best Madly Wish’s brand new line of kid’s undergarments.  Unisex, non bunching underpants for the kid who views fun as a clothing optional event.  LOL

While this was a departure from my usual photography of families and children in Chicago for personal art it was a comfort zone to work with these children, ages 2 and 5, right in my comfort zone.  We took to the forest where we spent just over an hour shooting various scenes for Madly Wish marketing purposes.  Whitney (of Madly Wish) and I brainstormed pre shoot and enjoyed the idea of flying pretzels and we made it happen (…well with a little work on both our parts!).

Thanks to Maddy and Lauren for kid wrangling and for their assistance at the shoot.  Couldn’t have done it without you both!

Enjoy the rest of the images from this children’s commercial photography shoot:

Photo of two children in the Chicago area playing in the forest surrounded by flying pretzels


Marketing photo for Madly Wish underwear, photo shows a girl holding a pretzel balloon wearing pretzel printed underwear

Photo of a little girl pausing for a moment during our shoot, captured as a bit of art for Madly Wish A photo of our boy model sporting Madly Wish underwear A pause in shooting resulted in this cute capture of our boy model, a little bit of art in our commercial photo shoot

Photo of a young girl during our Madly Wish commercial photography shoot

That’s a wrap for our “In a Twist” underwear shoot for Madly Wish!  Thanks to everyone who participated!!


I so very much enjoy the role of commercial photographer for Madly Wish – we have great fun together and Whitney and I share a similar view of what childhood should be remembered as.  Airy and arty pauses in memory for parents to remember their littles by.  Soft and breathless moments where time briefly stops – art to live with.

While these photos were not created for personal usage at these parent’s homes it most definitely could be.  I am very proud of what we created together.

If you are in need of a commercial children’s photographer or even a family photographer for your very own family…Marmalade Photography travels throughout Chicago and the U.S..  Give us a call: 815-603-8450 and ask for Marianne.





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