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One of my passions is…paper! (who knew?) Our recent session with Denises’ little girl, K uncovered some interesting information about Denise…she’s a paperholic as well! Who better to explore the world of stationary than a fellow paperphile…(however to be honest, I think Denise beats me hands down! You should see the stationary that her toddler possesses! It’s truly enviable!)

Without further adieu…welcome to our Q&A with Denise (and some images from the session with K). Thanks Denise!


Is paper a passion or just a hobby for you? Do you remember the moment in which the realization of “wow, I love this paper stuff” came into being for you?

Wow, hard question… More than a hobby and less than an obsession. Does that answer it?? (And) at the risk of looking like a total geek, I was 16. Yes, should have been into boys and clothing…. I was working in a department store Notions department [did I just date myself??] and they transferred me to Stationary. I was hooked immediately. Started with just holiday cards and then went from there… in fact I stopped working there in college and just used up my last purchase recently.

Do you have a favorite paper type? Paper source?

Nope (paper type)… Many (paper sources). Will list below.

Do you scrapbook?

DLP: I wish I had the time. Have explored digital scrapbooking and think I may be able to do that. Archivers has some lovely paper though… �

Your daughter, Miss K had the most adorable stationary that you mailed me a thank you note on (btw THANK YOU for the thank you!!), Do you mind sharing WHERE you bought such great girly girl stationary?

DLP: Aw thanks. One of my 1st purchases after she was born was stationary. That one came from Merrimade – also love Neiman Marcus, Exposures [great frames and albums there too] and OF COURSE Crane. Papyrus in Oakbrook and Woodfield is a wonderful source of good stuff too.

You ordered a large canvas of your gorgeous daughter; are you happy with the image quality and reproduction on such a large piece?

DLP: We LOVE it. It is being framed now and I can’t wait to get it on the wall. The level of detail is amazing – right down to a bug – which the framer thought was REAL. Why did you order that image large vs. any others from your session? DLP: We were looking for a image to go into a space on our walls that has been open for 3 years. It needed something BIG and special. This is perfect for it. In this age of digital, I can ‘do’ smaller images myself sometimes – we looked to your eye to capture something that would warrant BIG.

the door

Do you feel that there was an appropriate capture of Miss K at this time in her life by Marmalade Photography?

DLP: Yes. Even though I know she was a very challenging subject…. I think her spirit is visible in all the images. If I won the lottery, I’d have bought them all.

Lovely Ladies

Busy Girl

All In White


On a related side note, I think Denise spends a great deal of time trying to figure out WHAT sort of Holiday Card she’ll be sending to friends & family each year. This year, Denise is opting to send a 4×6 print of this from K’s session. It’s lovely, printed with a small white border around is the absolute perfect add on for Holiday Cards this year…not sure if we mentioned it but K was a (very) busy girl, reminding me oh so much of my first child 😉 I honestly think Denise was thinking: “got a good shot, let’s roll with it!” this year. Goodness knows the Holiday Card battle for THE shot hasn’t even happened here, I’m a bit envious that Denise is done with that already!!

Holiday 2007



Thanks for stopping by and hanging out for a bit. ‘Til we meet again!


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