Chicago Photographer : Happy (belated) Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Baby Loves Disco

Good day everyone!!  I’m happy to report the turkey is put away, a good deal of our pumpkin pie is gone (thankfully not by my hands! 🙂 ) and we’re on the count down towards Christmas, Hanukkah and the rest of the end-of-year holidays. 

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I thought I’d try something never done before to ring in the 2010 year, if you look at the upper right hand side of the blog you will see CURRENT PROMOTIONS and there you can find out what our early 2010 promo is going to be.  It’s a great one I promise!!  The added bonus is for Black Friday & part of Saturday – don’t forget you have to click on the CURRENT PROMOTIONS tab above to see it. 

Baby Loves Disco rounded out the rest of the 2009 season this past weekend and yeah, I know I’m a couple of days late on the updates.  🙂  I feel like I’ve been late on everything this season…here’s a couple shots of the mayhem & fun of Baby Loves Disco Chicago November 2009 (by the way it was PJ Party day at Baby Loves):

Chicago Event Photographer

Look at some of those adorable kiddos in the adorable pjs!  Spiderman wearing guy cracked me up.

Event Photography

One of my favorite little BLDers.

Baby Loves Disco

Even the little littles join in on the BLD fun

Dance Contest Winner

This lucky family won the grand prize in the dance contest (I bet there was one of those awesome Paul Frank stuffed animals that I coveted in that bag!)

Baby Loves Disco is 5!

Baby Loves Disco celebrated their 5 year anniversary / birthday.  Yes, we had cake!!

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