shopping time!

I love spending virtual money on the internet! I live vicariously through all my clients that tell me they were on the blog and were inspired to go to sites that were mentioned on the blog. Well well well, I hit a motherload tonite. In some downtime (yes, I do realize it’s 1 a.m.) between putting orders in and answering emails I thought to go virtual shopping. Well, my dear blog readers, I cannot wait to show the treasure trove I found at child of eve and at pettiskirt place. Fun fun fun!

First, look at this posh diaper bag. Seriously. I was so obsessed 7+ years ago when I was on the quest to find a diaper bag that wasn’t so…well…diaper baggish. My friends thought I was nuts. Well guess what old friends, I knew that a trend was on its’ way, designer diaper bags are here to stay and darn it, I totally should’ve been designing them all along (not that I have a lick of design sense, but I do know hand bags and luxury bag items so…well…how hard could it be, right?). Regardless of trends, look at these posh posh diaper bags. These are extreme, faux fur, rhinestones, bling bling bling…and you know what? They appeal to me. For some reason I’m loving the black on with the white ribboned polka dotted bow (below):

coveted posh diaper bag

I mean, c’mon, how could you not love the old lady sort of vintage sensibility there? It looks roomy and it has pink and black on it! What’s not to love?

So while we’re there, let’s look at clothes (because I could spend all day waxing on about accessories!)…I am a huge fan of textures, layers and dressing up! I especially love pink and brown together, it’s sort of a sickness I suppose. Look at the halabaloo line. I always wondered why the cute clothes stop at size 6, seriously…it’s hoochie mama clothing after 6x, so unfair. Especially when I think my 7 year old (who is so tall is fitting into 8/10 these days) would look gorgeous in:


Pink & brown, yes, pink & brown. Love it. Might I say, once again, it’s so unfair that a tall 7 year old is destined for the 7-14 section of Bratz inspired garbage clothing. At least the trend is more sort of loose, hippy chick Joss Stone before she became a glamazon vs. midriff baring Britney circa 2004. Thankfully.

If cashflow were not an object I could see going crazy with jottum’s inspired line. I mean, how close can you get to Vivienne W. without actually going all out crazy being her? These feel so pure and beautiful and Victorian to me. I also love the colors in the upper half of the jottum link, however the white and rhinestone lower half of the page has me salivating. Where is my lottery money?


Ok, enough torture, check out the Halloween Tutus going on at Pettiskirt Palace. I cannot be alone in my love for the camo tutu:

I know the boys are being neglected this blog post, I promise I’ll hunt something up as cool as the pirate boots that were dug up several weeks ago in the Chasing Fireflies post.

“I am quite sleepy,”

Take care-

xoxo, Mare


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