Session One of Many…

…for the week. 🙂 Get ready for a posting bonanza!

So, tonight’s session was *A BLAST*. I mean, this little guy (and his mom & dad of course) was a good time. I have never seen a kid get so high in the air (scroll down to see what I’m talking about) and FLY. Literally, if he had wings, you’d know what E was going to go for. And sweet, this little doll was a sweetheart. I loved that I got kisses & hugs…it made my week!

So E, Mark & Melissa. Thanks to you for making the trek down for a Marmalade Urban/Downtown Session…I hope you all had 1/2 the fun I had this evening.  I promise there are so many great great images, I am so excited to have been able to create these memories for you.

OK, so what’re you waiting for?  SCROLL DOWN and see your sneak peeks!



Family - NOT in the air :)


’til we meet again, which by my estimates will be, oh…sometime this time tomorrow! LOL



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  • melissa reddy - September 11, 2007 - 5:38 am

    Can I tell you without you thinking that I am crazy that Sunday night I had the most restless sleep (due to this humungous buddha belly) but during the little bit of shut eye that I did get, I dreamt about our photo session? And it gets more bizaar…at 3:45 am, yes, 3:45 IN THE MORNING, when I couldn’t get back to sleep I decided to check your blog to see if our sneak peek had been posted. When I saw our pictures there I definitely couldn’t go back to sleep!
    Oh yes, and when I went back to bed I had to wake Mark to let him know the pictures were up…he must have been excited too because the only thing that gets him up in the middle of the night is the bathroom! His response was, “wow…” I guess he was pretty speechless too.
    I wanted to comment yesterday…not to sound dramatic (although I am all drama!) but the words just wouldn’t come. I know it was only three pictures but Marianne…you captured my beautiful little boys spirit. I mean truly. Whan I look at that second picture of him hanging on the bar, for anyone who knows my little boy, it is all there. ALL BOY…sweet, playful, silly, strong (willed), adventursome and fearless…all boy. Who ever said a picture says a thousand words had YOU in mind.
    I must have pulled the site up at least 15 times yesterday (and I don’t even have internet at my desk at work…I had to walk to the break room!!!) I called everyone I knew who appreciates great photography, like I do. Mark was like a peacock with his feathers spread as well…showing everyone at work.
    All this to say…I am so, so happy we made the trek out there. These pictures were a great way to document our family “in transition” but also before Egya has to give up the spotlight…or at least make a little room under the sun for his baby brother. It was his time to shine and I absolutely can not wait to see the rest of the images…the next two weeks will be painful. (But you will have a lot of hits on your website in the meantime 😛 ) You have a gift…thank you for sharing it with our family! I’m already thinking about the other great milestones in our future I would like you to be a part of…


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