Yes you read that correctly!  An opportunity to win a free southwest suburban Chicago photography session.  Actually there are FIVE opportunities to win.  This is an over $1500 value (no joke!!) 

Details below:
This is for a chance to win a free Chicago Photography session with us session at one of our locations in southwestern suburban Chicago

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That’s it!  Literally a few moments of your time to win big!

Drawing will be held on July 31st for this session that will take place in August 2016.  Winner will be announced on the blog and all social media mentioned.  GOOD LUCK!!





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From the Madly Wish "In A Twist" underwear shoot, a photo of two young children playing in the forest in their Madly Wish underwear Photo of a boy holding a pretzel balloon wearing Madly Wish underwear

A few post shoot images for your viewing enjoyment from the children’s commercial photography shoot for Madly Wish — including some of the cutest littles in the Chicago area!

It was, again, my pleasure to be chosen as the photographer for this marketing photo shoot for Madly Wish.  We brainstormed before our big day on how to showcase best Madly Wish’s brand new line of kid’s undergarments.  Unisex, non bunching underpants for the kid who views fun as a clothing optional event.  LOL

While this was a departure from my usual photography of families and children in Chicago for personal art it was a comfort zone to work with these children, ages 2 and 5, right in my comfort zone.  We took to the forest where we spent just over an hour shooting various scenes for Madly Wish marketing purposes.  Whitney (of Madly Wish) and I brainstormed pre shoot and enjoyed the idea of flying pretzels and we made it happen (…well with a little work on both our parts!).

Thanks to Maddy and Lauren for kid wrangling and for their assistance at the shoot.  Couldn’t have done it without you both!

Enjoy the rest of the images from this children’s commercial photography shoot:

Photo of two children in the Chicago area playing in the forest surrounded by flying pretzels


Marketing photo for Madly Wish underwear, photo shows a girl holding a pretzel balloon wearing pretzel printed underwear

Photo of a little girl pausing for a moment during our shoot, captured as a bit of art for Madly Wish A photo of our boy model sporting Madly Wish underwear A pause in shooting resulted in this cute capture of our boy model, a little bit of art in our commercial photo shoot

Photo of a young girl during our Madly Wish commercial photography shoot

That’s a wrap for our “In a Twist” underwear shoot for Madly Wish!  Thanks to everyone who participated!!


I so very much enjoy the role of commercial photographer for Madly Wish – we have great fun together and Whitney and I share a similar view of what childhood should be remembered as.  Airy and arty pauses in memory for parents to remember their littles by.  Soft and breathless moments where time briefly stops – art to live with.

While these photos were not created for personal usage at these parent’s homes it most definitely could be.  I am very proud of what we created together.

If you are in need of a commercial children’s photographer or even a family photographer for your very own family…Marmalade Photography travels throughout Chicago and the U.S..  Give us a call: 815-603-8450 and ask for Marianne.





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A couple of months back I dipped my foot back into the Mitzvah pool.  It’s been awhile since I had an opportunity to photograph one but when I had I really enjoyed my short stint as a Mitzvah photographer.  When my friend and fellow photographer Laurie of Soben Studios asked me to photograph her daughter’s Bat Mitzvah I jumped at the opportunity to photograph her daughter’s Bat Mitzvah as I really love the fun & energy of these incredibly special days where Jewish families celebrate the coming of age of their Mitzvah child(ren).

I’m not kidding when I say that there isn’t much that can compare to the energy at a Mitzvah event. The energy level is turned up to 11!  Not only that but the kids themselves are pretty great: funny, fun, outgoing, laughing, having a blast – the vibe of fun is truly contagious and the guests feel it as well.

Typically during these celebrations I’ve found that the lighting CAN be tricky so I highly recommend having a second set of hands (aka an assistant) that can help the photographer with lighting.  S’s Bat Mitzvah was NO EXCEPTION.  This Bat Mitzvah celebration was in the middle of the day but with room darkening curtains throughout and the artificially lit room was filled with (the always fun) black and colored lights – but this lighting can make for some tricky photography opportunities.  With a lighting assistant I was readily able to capture the events of the day without every one looking like Oompa Loompas!  LOL

Anyway a big thank you to Laurie and her family and all of her guests.  Thank you for allowing me to capture this special day for you all.  Much love & MAZEL TOV!!

An example of a photo of a girl in her synagogue for during a North Shore Chicago Bat Mitzvah

A photo of a fun moment during a Chicago area Bat Mitzvah celebration A photo of siblings wishing a Bat Mitzvah well during the Mitzvah celebration in Chicago Photo showcasing a happy moment between a sister and brother during a Mitzvah celebration in Chicagoland Group Mitzvah photo during an event Another Mitzvah group photo of many smiling and happy teens in Chicagoland A photo of celebration and dancing during a Chicago Mitzvah event The Mitzvah expresses her excitement during the Hora dance in the North suburbs of Chicago Another fun expressive image of the Mitzvah during the Hora dance at her celebration in the North Shore of Chicago A photo of a father with his daughter at her Mitzvah celebration.  Mazeltov! An image of a selfie being taken with some of the guest and the Mitzvah at her Chicago event celebration A photo of youth celebrating shadow play and expressing L O V E for the event during a Chicago North Shore Bat Mitzvah celebration A details shot of some of the edibles at this Bat Mitzvah celebration This event image is of guests hula hooping during the event celebration in Highland Park, Illinois An image of this beautiful Mitzvah outside taken during the celebration of her Mitzvah in Chicago land A fun dancing shot of some of the teen girls at this Chicago area Mitzvah celebration The Mitzvah A quick family photo in the Synagogue before rushing off to the party afterward. An image in the bus that transported the children and teens to the party from the Synagogue in Wheeling to the event in Highland Park Another photo with the Mitzvah and her BFFs at the celebration



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I’ve been SO bad.  I’ve been busy over on my Facebook page and neglectful of my blog & honestly I really should be doing it the other way around!  🙂  So I have a bit of catching up to do for sure here on the blog, starting……now!!

A few months back I had the pleasure of meeting this awesome family at their home in the beautiful Chicago South Loop.  We took to the area of the South Loop for family photos of mom, dad, big sis and little brother.  I loved meeting this family and was so excited to see their amazing 30×40 canvas arrive, it was beautiful!!  Thank you to the Y family for welcoming me into their home and showing me around the South Loop neighborhood for the photo session.  I took a few of my favorites to post here on the blog but when I say “a few” I really had to be selective.  There were far too many favorites to choose from and this is but a small selection of this post session showcase.


south loop chicago family pictures

Love this non-traditional but classic family image

girls photography downtown chicago


Marmalade Photography has always sought to document moms with their children.  It’s our passion and our mission to make sure every one of our moms has at least ONE iconic image with each of their children.

Photo_session_home_chicago woman_chinese_photos_chicago



This little guy was playing his urban Lego scene with that amazing scene behind him.  LOVE!


Why yes, Lake Michigan looked like glass that day!!  I love this family pose AND the background behind them.


During every photo session I try to take time out for a couples photo of mom & dad.  Why?  Because I know (from personal experience) that one of you is always behind the camera when taking family photos.  ALWAYS take time to document YOUR relationship.  If not for yourself then to show the significance of it to your beautiful children.  I love this one of Alice & Peter.  Casual and relaxed with that amazing scenery behind them.


Mother and child(ren) images never fail to make me happy.



This image ^^ felt very Jurassic World to me (note the world renown Field Museum in the background of this image)


ONCE AGAIN: the skyline behind them says it all!!  That and the obvious love between father & daughter in this iconic image

chicago-professional-photographer-chicagoThis image says pure Marmalade Photography fun!

I will finish this post with an image that is my personal favorite (of favorites).    Please remember that Chicago photographer Marmalade Photography has been in business for 11 (ELEVEN!) years and saying that this is one of my favorites of favorites says a lot.  I love not only the moment but the scene, Agora is one of Chicago’s most iconic of art pieces.  This family was such a pleasure to work with and this image makes me happy – it says everything about how I’ve been feeling about my own children’s childhood.  It is fleeting.  My children – maybe more accurately the time of my “littles” childhood has sped through the stages.  As if they were running as I stood still. Their “littlehood” was so fleeting.  Their tween years passed by in the blink of an eye.  Their teen years are well under way and I, much like the Agora figures, seem to be moving bulkingly slow as they run through the years.

I know, I know, shut up and show the image.  RUNNING THROUGH AGORA:


THANKS ALICE & PETER!!  Much love.



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  • Alice - June 21, 2016 - 4:15 pm

    Thank you, Marianne! These pictures are amazing and we thoroughly enjoyed our session with you!!

Thank you to the V Family for coming out last weekend for a lovely afternoon family photo session in Channahon.  I very much enjoyed meeting you all and getting together for a session together.  I hope you enjoy the sneak peeks!

photography_session_natural_setting Photo_session_Southwest_Suburban_Family suburban_chicago_photography_session

Today is my birthday and with Thanksgiving coming around the bend I want to send out a huge thank you to all my clients and every one who has made 2015 a spectacular year!  Happy Thanksgiving everyone.


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