Our First “REAL” Post: Q&A with Beth

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 Our first official post on the new blog…completely suited for our first real topic here.  A Q&A session with a Marmalade Photography Favorite!!

It simply goes without saying that working with clients that are mellow, fun, go-with-the-flow and stylish makes my job a dream job! Working with Beth and her family has always been a joy for me… here is the Q&A session with the mom of the little girl who is the Imelda Marcos of clothes!! And adorable to boot…

1) Your daughter has a lot of fun clothes. You have a fantastic eye for cute clothes that are colorful and fun to photograph (and I love days when I am scheduled for a shoot with you guys because of it!). Do you mind sharing where you like to shop for outfits for the days when you get to see moi?


Neiman Marcus is where I find the best stuff for special occasions like picture day. I know it’s over-the-top, but they carry a French brand called Catimini that combines interesting colors and patterns with amazing textures. It’s the prefect blend of cutesy and funky. Fortunately, they do have great sales. I can’t wait to show you what I have picked-out for our next session…you’re going to LOVE it.

Chicago Child Photograph ©Marmalade Photography

2) Your family has recently moved from a city neighborhood (Wicker Park) to the near North Shore burbs….what has the transition been
like? What do you miss most about the city? What do you love best about living in the burbs?

We just moved to Highland Park and I absolutely love it out here. Pretty amazing, since I cried the first time my husband brought up the subject of moving!! Not only do we have a lot more space in our new house for playing, but the whole community is very family oriented. The Park District runs a gorgeous public pool in the summer and we go to the library almost everyday. I dread the days when I have to go into the city. The only thing I miss is late night dining. Dining at 9 o’clock is unheard of in Highland Park, especially during the week.

3) I love love love your diaper bag? I was admiring it at our last session the past winter. What kind of bag is it? Do you love it?

Oh boy…I am addicted to diaper bags and collect them like I used to handbags. I think you are referring to my Petunia Pickle Bottom bag that I wear as a backpack. Yes, I do love it, especially because it leaves my hands free to wipe noses and pick up sippy cups. My only criticism is the changing pad. It’s small and you have to detach it from the bag which seems to take forever with a squirming stinky baby in your arms. I have recently discovered that Kate Spade and Coach diaper bags have wonderful large changing pads.

4) One of my favorite family images ever (taken by me) is a wall sample portrait on display in studio are from a session with you and the dogs and J & A (it’s a metallic wall canvas and it’s beautiful!) and it happens to be the large print you have on display in your home. Tell us a little bit about that moment in the park near your old home. What does that image say about you guys as a family? When you look at this image what do you think of most often?

Wow…you did capture a great candid moment! It was so typical of our life at that time. I am fussing with Annabel while Joey is quietly taking care of the dogs because he hasn’t quite figured out how he can help with the baby yet. Luckily, times have changed and he has become a tremendous help. When that shot was taken, Annabel was only three months old. As she got older, she loved to play on the swings. It’s where I heard her first real belly laugh. Now whenever I look at that picture on the wall, I can’t help but laugh at how bald she was!!

©2006 Marmalade Photography-Family in Wicker Park, Chicago, Illinois

5) And the question I’ve wondered most about this past few months….did A ever really get to taste snow? LOL

I think she probably did taste a bit of snow that day. Everything still goes in her mouth and as hard as I try to keep an eye on her, she is just too quick for me. Besides, as long as it’s not yellow snow, it’s not the end of the world.

Chicago, Illinois  Lincoln Park ©2007 Marmalade Photography-Baby Photograph


My favorite image (and I know it’s one of Beth’s) from our last session together:

Mommy Love, ©Marmalade Photography 2007, Chicago Children’s Photographer

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