Mother’s Day Idea (the best) for a Lucky Mom in Suburban Chicago

Does it get better than this?  I rec’d a call from the VERY thoughtful dad who purchased the two session Marmalade Baby Plan for his wife.  Congrats to them (the baby is really little still) and kudos to him.   He gets the thoughtful dad of the year prize!!   My own husband was sitting next to me in the car and I sort of gave him the glance. you know what I mean girls…THE glance.  Like DUDE!  Why didn’t you think of doing something like this for me?  I love pictures!  LOL

Chicago Children


Anyway, thought I’d share the most favorite thing I’ve had happen this week and to share a couple of my own fave people and their own relationship type shots.  One of them is a few posts below (Lisa getting flowers from her youngest) so I won’t bore you any further…


Chicago Mom and Baby Photography




Naperville Mom and Son Photography


Milwaukee Mom and Child Photograph


Chicago Mother and Baby Girl Photographer


oh my gosh, I have a million of these, I have to stop in a minute…


Chicago Northern Suburbs On Location Photographer


Chicagoland Southwest Suburban Photographer


Naperville Photography


Chicago Photographer Marmalade Photography



Clarendon Hills Photographer

I’ve gotten carried away, I easily have another 20 or so to add….so finally and most recently

South Suburban Children


Joliet Photographer


Happy Mother’s Day (Eve & Day Day!)




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