Limited Edition Sessions : In Time for Holiday Cards and Gift Giving

Hello friends!

Due to overwhelming requests (and wow, I had no idea that you all were looking forward to these!)  I am now opening up for a single limited edition session held at the studio on Tuesday September 30, 2008 from 9:00 until 2:30 p.m.  Only a limited number of spots available.


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Holiday Card information can be found here.






Once again my plea goes out to everyone who is reading this (especially those in Illinois)…

I implore you to give the following peeps a call to show your support of the anti-state park closings:


Illinois Dept of Natural Resources, Chris McCleod  217-558-1540

Illinois Governor’s Office of Citizen Action  217-782-0244

Governor Rod Blagojevich (no prank phone calls please) 217-782-0244


You can also email from the Illinois State Governor’s site at have faith in the grass roots movement!!  WE CAN CHANGE THE COURSE OF ACTION, for not only Channahon State Park but all the other State Parks and Historic Sites.  Remember this sad moment in time… LINCOLN’S CABIN is one of the site’s on the line!  What sort of legacy are we leaving for our children and our children’s children if we allow this small part of budget cutting to affect our history and our recreation?  If Illinois found the money in the early 1930’s to open the first state park in Channahon then by all means we can find a way to keep it and the rest of these sites open! 



Lastly thank you for all your kind words regarding the special stop motion video I made the other day of my beautiful girls (in the post right below).  I really am glad it’s not just me & my mommy goggles that sees the fun & beauty in it.  Much love my friends!

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