Lazy July Evening…

…at the waterfall.

Shelly & Darren’s two little guys were a crack up today!    I love sibling sessions where the kids are approximately the same age difference as my two little girls because it’s cool to see the similarities in children who are in the same ages as my two darlings.  Seven year olds are funny and into getting attention and five year olds are still busy exploring the world at large and care none too much (mostly) about who’s doing what.  I love to see the consistency in that behavior.

C & C were great fun to shoot.  And to boot, they (and their parents) have the most awesome eyes that are as blue (if not more so) as the sea.  I had an absolutely great time photographing this very photogenic bunch.  Thanks for braving the traffic from up north and for allowing me to tell this small part of your story.  Enjoy your sneak peek!!  Oh, and Shelly, I hadn’t noticed your amazing bracelet when we were in the midst of our session, however, drop me an email and let me know where you got it.  It’s fantastic!




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