High School Senior Photographs

I keep saying I am behind in sneak peeks and session showcases and I am reminded that I should take care to post some images from this senior’s family photo session in and around Michigan Avenue in Chicago this past fall.  I know I’ve shared these images elsewhere (Facebook most likely) but with all the little blog issues I had around fall busy season 2015 I just never got back to it.  SO in the next few days I’ll be posting a few images from this fun family session in 2015.  Apologies to you Erin, I’ll rectify this oversight asap!

But this sneak peek isn’t about family.  It’s all about one girl who is about to embark on college and life.  High school senior photographs (sessions) are a beautiful way to honor the young person in your life who is on the cusp of adulthood.  Their life is about to “take off” and it’s a great way to honor the child that was yours and only yours and photograph them as independent (well sorta…we all know how that goes) young people who are about to take the world on their own.  I always suggest that we take time to focus on what matters to the young adult as a nod to where they are headed and where they’ve been.  A high school senior photo shoot should be about the young adult’s story and what has meaning to them, a great way to remember this all-too-fleeting stage by.

I’ve photographed J several times in my career.  Most recently last fall (you’ll see a few images from that session in the next  week or so I hope) but the first time I got a glimpse of the young lady she was becoming when she was only 9 (I think).  The wisdom and beauty in her eyes was apparent from the moment I met her.  Beautiful, smart, fun.  For this session I met up with J and her family in St. Louis (yes, Missouri) to capture her at one of her favorite spots in the world.  The Four Seasons is always so accommodating in sharing the beauty of their hotels with their guests and the St. Louis hotel was no exception.  In fact I feel like they went above & beyond (exactly what they’re known for!!)

Here are a few sneak peeks that she and her mom may be (just may be…) looking forward to.  Thank you Erin & Scott, once again for trusting me with your girl.  <3


A senior session photo where I traveled to St. Louis

Isn’t she gorgeous?  Has the best eyes and smile!

We photographed this high school senior at The Four Seasons in St. Louis

Teen and tween photography by Marmalade Photography, this is an example of a high school senior session photographed on location in St. Louis, MO…and one last one because I enjoy this so much!! <3
High school seniors by Chicago photographer Marmalade Photography

High school senior photographs are not just moments in a yearbook, they are excursions to explore the personality of your child and highlight where they’ve been and where they are going.  Many of my high school senior clients tend to get albums and a wall portrait plus files for sharing and for printing up invites, thank you cards and social media sharing.  If you are looking for unique imagery that takes a holistic look at your child and their personality please give us a call.  We have been photographing clients since 2005 and plan to do so for many more years to come!  PHONE: 815-603-8450


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