Elmhurst Family Photographer

I still have one available session prior to holiday guaranteed delivery cut off so if you’re interested in a fall session (before we get too November here in Chicagoland), give me a call: 815-603-8450.

It’s been a great fall season (despite having a knee injury that prohibits me from running after the under 3 year old set).  Really!  It has!  Personal injuries and mishaps aside (and Universe, I could really use a few months injury free!!), I’ve been treated to visiting with quite a few Marmalade repeat clients and some I haven’t seen in awhile. Life has happened, to us all really, and it was wonderful to catch up with every client and especially those whose kids are still six years old in my brain, it’s good to have the reality check that ALL these kids are growing up and not just my own.

It really happens way too fast.

I most recently traveled to the western ‘burbs in my role as an Elmhurst family photographer to visit with some long time Marmalade Faves, the H Family.  I was so excited to see how big the boys had gotten and how the entire fam is doing.  I wasn’t disappointed!  C&C were charming and handsome, Shelly and Darren were the same, hadn’t aged a bit (Shelly you’re going to have to share your magic potion for this!).  Thank you H Family for your warmth and smiles.  Enjoy your sneak peek:





And a quick flashback to a “few” years back!  Enjoy this retro wayback:




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