Dollinger Family Farm : Fall Activities for Chicagoland Families

I like to mix it up and it’s been awhile since I posted a miscellaneous post.  Don’t want this seasonal one to be belated anymore than it has.  😀

One of our traditions as a family is to go to our favorite pumpkin farm.  We’re very lucky that our favorite farm is located only a few miles away but realistically I’d be willing to drive an hour to visit the beautiful Dollinger Family Farm.  It’s in a great location in a scenic setting along the I&M canal near the Illinois River. 

We went to Dollinger’s a few weeks back and I’ve been meaning to post about the beekeeper I met during our visit.  Stephen owns Macholz Honey Farm and is an amazing resource for all things "bee" related.  I spent about 20 minutes picking his brain about honey bees and the process of making beeswax candles and hearing about the history of beekeeping, some details about the Queen Bee and bees in the wild. 

Here’s a few images to spark some naturally sweet goodness in your life this Wednesday morning.  If you can please visit Stephen at Dollinger Farm he is there every weekend.  Dollinger Farm is open 7 days/week until the end of October.  It’s a great free family activity!

fall family activities for Chicago Families


Did you know that honey is the only food stuff that doesn’t spoil?  In a sealed container honey can last thousands of years.  No joke!  Archaeologists have dug up jars of honey that were found in unearthed Egyptian tombs hanging out with mummies that were buried there. The honey was 3000 years old, or perhaps even older, and it was still perfectly edible.  I don’t know that I’d try it but someone apparently did! 😀

The docile honeybee

I wish I had my macro lens, the gentle honey bee.  No need to fear them, just let them do their thing…

Wild bee hive

Stephen had this example of what a hive structure looks like in the wilderness, pretty cool

beeswax candlemaking

Pouring beeswax into a form for hand crafted beeswax candles.  I bought a few – they smell sweet. 

Finished beeswax candles

Beautiful finished beeswax candles


Thank you Macholz Honey Farm for taking the time out of your busy Sunday a few weeks back to stop & chat.

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