Children’s Photographer Chicago, A Remix

As a Children’s photographer here in Chicago I’ve taken hundreds of “favorites”, this time we’re doing a remix of some of these old faves.

This upcoming slow season I plan on doing a revamp and as I look through my old galleries I see how my work is evolving, how my world outlook has effected the art of my work, essentially my vision.

As I progress through life I find myself feeling freer, lighter.  Less dark, less moody (which in my work I loved), more certain of my place in the world, more sure of who I am and where I am headed.  My work is more reflective of this and I thought it’d be a fun artistic endeavor to play with some images as a sort of artistic study.  I took about 30 minutes one morning and chose a few images to redo.  I wasn’t too picky but I still chose some favorites from the past to play with.

I came up with these versions.  I loved the old versions (and maybe I’ll showcase those later) but in this world filled with dark, gloom, moodiness I definitely welcome the light and airy.  It’s time to shed my skin (I feel like I do a big change every seven years) – shedding my skin and moving forward.

Thank you to all my clients who continue to grow with me and my artistic growth.  I promise I will continue to produce the quality of imagery you have come to expect from me and much like Picasso I guess I have had a blue period.  😀

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