Chicago Professional Photography Engagement Photos

A couple of weeks back I traveled to the River North area on a beautiful summer evening to meet with Sara and Jordan to create some beautiful moments and capture their relationship before the full on craziness of planning a wedding hits really hard.

I’ve known Sara for years and it’s such a pleasure to be able to see her grow up into a beautiful young woman with a radiant smile…Jordan’s a lucky guy for sure!

Thank you Sara, Jordan and family for all the fun memories I’ve shared with you all these past years. It was an honor to capture some beautiful engagement photos for you.

Chicago Professional Photography Engagement Photos

Are you getting married? Are you looking for a photographer that has extensive experience in dark corners and places? LOL…for years I had taken event photos at the Metro in the almost dark for toddler dance parties (Baby Loves Disco), I have become great at creating images in the near dark!

Are you looking for a photographer that cherishes relationships and will honor the capture of yours? Look no further! Give me a call at 815-603-8450 or use the contact form in the header above to reach out. Let’s have a discovery phone call to see if we’re the right fit for each other!! 🙂

I have been busily working on my new website, branding and client site. It’s been a *process*. The hardest of all this has been taking my 18 years of professional photography work and distilling it into bite sized pieces.

I’ve been known to say “This is one of my favorite images!” and honestly if I say it it’s absolutely true. I live for moments, for beautiful intangible (unless photographed) moments and sometimes there is this SPARK of magic that hits just right and gets me in my feels.

So imagine innumerable photographs needing to be distilled into a bite sized glimpse of what I’ve done over the years…all the families I’ve adopted into my own by way of professional photography.

I am taking this time to say thank you. This is likely one of the few last posts on this version of the blog before I transition over to a site with a new blog attached. I’ve had to do server upgrades and have lost my old website, thankfully the one I have up now is a temporary fix of a site I never really used, but technology continues to march on. Hopefully this one can be transitioned over and maintained for awhile longer as I love the memories and frankly it’s been around with me since almost the beginning back in 2005. Thank you for visiting and I hope we get to catch up soon!!

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