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Busy Weekend : Chicago Children’s and Family Photography Event Photographer

Happy, Happy Birthday….I can’t help but sing this version of the old favorite at every birthday party I goView full post »

Chicago On Location Children’s Photographer … Plus …

Last week I had the pleasure of meeting and photographing the W family.  Extremely sweet, extremely fun…weView full post »

The Flowers Have Officially Arrived : Wilmette Child Photographer

First the soundtrack:  Pumpkin Soup.  Seems fitting as a title for an early autumn session.  Ok,View full post »

No Coincidences : Chicago On Location Family Photography

Soundtrack: well honestly I am really in the mood for Nine Inch Nails but thought better of it as it’s notView full post »

Two For One : Chicago Area Children’s Photographer

Before I get going let’s turn on a soundtrack. My good friend & brother Paula (aka Crushaholic) set up thisView full post »

Personal Musings : Chicago and Suburban Children’s Photographer

Strength: how do you define it?   Is it in your abiity to get up and walk around unassisted?   Is it purelyView full post »

In the Heat of Summer…Suburban Chicago Children’s Photographer

First, let’s go ahead and soundtrack this entry.   Ahhhh, English Beat today.  This song remindsView full post »

Photographing the Photographer: Tales from a Chicago Family Photographer

Photographing another photographer (and more importantly the children of said photographer). Sounds like an easy feat,View full post »

New Website: Chicago and Suburban Children’s and Family Photographer

Those of my regular blog readers may remember my chaotic last few weeks with the website and all the good timesView full post »