Baby’s 100 Day Celebration Photos – Near North Side Chicago Photography

I had the pleasure of meeting Faye & Harry yesterday at their beautiful home near the Gold Coast yesterday morning.  It was a joyous day for photos, they were celebrating their baby’s 100 Days of life.

Yesterday was a perfect day to photograph Baby L and her beautiful parents (and grandmother).  I enjoyed photographing her for her first formal photos and am completely honored to have had the opportunity to be welcomed into her home by her parents to capture this momentous occasion.  She is a beautiful baby girl with equally beautiful parents.

Let’s have a sneak peek, shall we?



and finally…



I was absolutely in love with this little babe.  She was the absolutely sweetest little baby.

Being that I was so fascinated with this cultural celebration of 100 days I did some reading up on it, for the more curious blog readers out there:

The Chinese are not the only culture to celebrate Baby’s first 100 days.  As a general rule for Asian cultures baby’s first 100 days are celebrated because the baby wouldn’t meet the extended family until the end of the 100 days.  It was to prevent illness in the baby whose immunity would not be developed yet.  The baby + mom and any caregivers would stay inside during those first 100 days.  Also in Chinese culture the 100 day celebration is significant because it signifies that the baby will live 100 years.

What an amazing tradition, I love ANY excuse to celebrate!!

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