Chicago Photographer for Baby Loves Disco, Metro, April 13 Event

Whew. I’m telling you, this weekend was a whirlwind, I was begging for Monday to come around. I practically had to be in two places at once on Sunday. By the time I got home Sunday night I was ready to hit the bath for a hot soak(it never did happen)! LOL. Regardless, Baby Loves Disco is always a treat for me. While I am more than certain that I am not producing images that are going to be competition worthy (shooting in a busy area by the stairs that encompasses a 5 foot x 6 foot area, tops,with people walking through and children who get distracted by all the shiny objects and lots of stuff going on with no natural light available in the very awesome but not very well lit interior of The Metro ) 😀 I know that I definitely feed off the energy there and I get to meet some really awesome kids with personalities….large personalities in teeny tiny adorable little bodies. Don’t take MY word for it, you be the judge:

The Good

The Groovin’

The Dramatic

The (less than happy @ this moment) Repeaters… :)

The Event


A big thank you to Tiffanie Spearling who is the Chicago BLD Hostess (and rockin’ holder of boas for yours truly). Go check out Big Belly Fitness, while Tiffanie isn’t busy with Baby Loves Disco stuff she is providing fitness programs for busy new moms everywhere in the Chicago and Suburban area. She’s pretty awesome. Check it out if you think that a stroller fitness regimen is for you.

• • • • • • • •

Now for the good stuff, IF you were at BLD this past weekend and it’s time for you to want to get a look @ your images & do the ordering, shoot off an email to me @ with the # given to you at the time of shooting. Galleries will go up tomorrow later afternoon and will be up for several days for ordering. Details to be sent in the email. A big thank you to everyone who made this past weekend’s Baby Loves Disco a rousing success. I had a blast meeting everyone. It’s always a fantastic (tiring) time!

xoxo, Mare




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