There’s still a lot of shopping to do here in Marmaland. I have been a busy elf myself trying to get orders packaged & out the door and haven’t had time to get out into the holiday mall madness to do my shopping. Nonetheless, here & there I’ve been taking breaks to get some online cruising for stuff done. I think some of it is totally share worthy!

For the writer/artist/creative soul in your life: I discovered Moleskine notebooks a few years back and really love putting my thoughts down on paper, ideas for the business, the occasional thought that actually pops through the photographic haze. I found this site today searching for the Volume II of my business ideas notebook. Hemingway can’t be wrong…right? Love these notebooks and the inspiration I feel just holding onto them. Nothing better than the smell of new ideas in a blank notebook page.

For the new mom: LittleJules makes the most beautiful handcrafted jewelry. I love the “for mom” bracelet for $99. Lovely, novel and sweet yet fashionable enough for the more discerning new mom!


Even nicer for the new mom that likes to be spoiled a bit…the Silver Rectangle Gate Locket by The Fine Art of Family is very beautiful and very unique in the old style world of lockets. Very posh! I also love that there is a 3 image variation.

For the arty mom…or the mom who loves her children’s fine art! Magic Dog Studio has the most amazing creations, well your children have the most amazing creations however Magic Dog Studio will take your kids artwork OFF THE FRIDGE and onto you! I adore this idea (and think I may be having a bracelet created especially for me in the very near future!!)

Isn’t it precious?

For the crafty kid, I found the coolest site: Madallie Much of the site is aimed at the roadtripping family, however I spotted this very cool Hip Hoop Knitting Set for the >9 yr old girl (or boy if they are into that 😉 ) set.

Crib Rock, need I say more? Brad & Angelina can’t be wrong!! LOL For the new rocking parent, something appropos to their lifestyle. I think I’ve linked to them before and I can’t help but link again. The Three Blind Mice are going on tour again! W00T! And would it be rock without the videos? I think not! You must check out Gwen Stuffuny’s Mulberry Bush (wow, that sounded dirty).

Since we’re on the topic of “rock”, how about something for the golf loving/rock loving dad? How about beating off the sweat with the Fairway to Heaven (gah, even that pun sickened me, so sorry). And since we’re at Planetmom’s site, what about the gold diggers in your life? (ok, I swear, enough with the play on words).

Well, I really do have tons of shopping (and decorating too!) to do. In the next few days I’ll explore the decorating for the holidays side of the spectrum. Until then, keep warm!

xoxo, Mare

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  • Elizabeth - December 13, 2007 - 8:33 am

    What great ideas… awesome finds there girl.

  • Marmalord - December 16, 2007 - 4:42 pm

    Take a peek into Marmaland? How dare you.

    There is only one Marmaland, and as Ruler of Marmaland (the worlds first Museum of Marmalade) I the Marmalord, write to you to politely request that you cease referring to your Marmalade Photography site as Marmaland.

    But be warned…You dont want to make an enemy of The Marmalord…. we will wage war on you, and you will be crushed like the Evil Lemon Curds!

    Your move.

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