Late last week I met up with the K Family for a pretty amazing outdoor session.  Beautiful family + beautiful fall colors = beautiful photos.  Enjoy your sneak peek!!




I’m a huge fan and proponent of getting photos with your children.   HUGE.

Several points to drive that home.  One of my favorite people in the world, a client of mine from last year, told me that this video I posted of my fellow photographer and friend, Jen last year, reminded her the importance of having photos taken.  I took that comment to heart.  Unfortunately Jen passed away this past week from ovarian cancer, you may have read mention of it on my Facebook wall or maybe even on this blog last year.   I was friendly with Jen but not super close but as a fellow mom, as a human, as a photographer I watched her struggle with cancer and fight for her life as the life around her continued to live while she struggled with her own problems and relationships as she grappled with “Herm” (the not-so-loving term given to her ovarian tumor growth).    Jen is gone now but I hope her legacy continues, I hope her memory inspires other moms to take images with their children, make beautiful memories and inspires all of us to remember that each day is truly a gift.  Each day is marked by difficulty and inner (and outer) struggles but we should never forget the meaning of love nor kindness.

I’m going to once again share Jen’s video made at the time of her diagnosis.  I hope her family remembers her as she was in the midst of living (and not with the struggles of the past year).  Most of us need to be reminded that our legacy isn’t in things we leave behind but of the relationships, the honesty, the love and the life that we all lead while we LIVE.  Rest in peace Jen.  I think you succeeded in making some difference in this world.

We Won’t Be Defeated from Benjamin Edwards on Vimeo.

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I was so happy to work with Debra, Thad and beautiful E again last weekend.   Thank you so much for coming out to see me and get updated photos of your beautiful faces.  I love watching E grow and watch you both fall even more deeply in love with each passing year!


Love the light on her hair here.



Love this kid!  Love this family.  Thank you D Family for another gorgeous session together!

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I had the privilege of meeting and photographing this family a few years back when Rachel was pregnant with little G and their older daughter was about the same age as little G is now.  I was honored to photograph them again last week in the midst of a warm spell and during the beginning of the fall color change.  Thank you Rachel and Allan for allowing me to photograph your beautiful family once again.  Enjoy the sneak peek!!


I’m a big fan of these in between moments – as you probably already know.  Sweet sweet sisters!



and finally…


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I had the pleasure of photographing the S Family last weekend at my beautiful forest location.  The September light…the beautiful little white wildflowers and a session of three sisters and gorgeous mom & dad.  Really…what’s NOT to love.   Thank you Carly – you have a gorgeous family and I hope to meet little #4 sometime soon!!  Enjoy your sneak peek.


Gorgeous (and funny sweet) girl


I’m a sucker for photographs like this when the moment works.  Stunning as a full sized image.


BEAUTIFUL baby girl (soon-to-be-big-sis)


So many levels of beautiful…

Thanks for stopping in to the blog for sneak peeks 🙂  Be back in the office Monday morning.

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I’ll be out of town for a photography conference starting Tuesday afternoon until next Monday morning at 9 a.m.   All messages that accumulate over the next few days will be answered then.  Thank you.

Now that I got that out of the way…a sneak peek with the G Family.  I saw them a few months ago for Little D’s mini session but this session was all family.  Lori, Andrew – thank you for letting me photograph your beautiful family as you grow together!!  ALWAYS a pleasure to see you guys.


HANDSOME & FUNNY – a great combination.  Love this kid!


It’s like he’s telling his sister: “SAY CHEESE ALREADY!” (even though we never say cheese!  🙂 )

and finally……


Gosh I really love all these textures.  What a beautiful girl D is!

(sorry about the delay in sneak peeks – I’m still trying to play catch up from all the chaos from the past month & a half)

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