I met Harlow a few years ago and fell in love with her and her family.  For someone so young she is so incredibly brave and is a true survivor.  She is a miracle.

To thank Lurie Children’s Hospital (formerly Children’s Memorial Hospital of Chicago) Harlow and her family participate in the Chicago Dance Marathon every year, I hear that Harlow is *quite* the dancer!  This year to show my support of Harlow and her dance family I am proud to show off my very small contribution to the Dance Marathon, this image of Harlow celebrating her incredible life

Here is the original of that shot:


If you want to donate and make Harlow’s dancing go a long way please visit Jamie & Harlow’s donation page here:



I can’t wait until March 2nd so I can catch up with Harlow and see her dance at the Dance Marathon!!  Please consider donating to Harlow’s dance team to make this the very best dance marathon yet for little Harlow!!


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I have been a bad blogger.  First my blog got hacked, then I fixed it, then it got hacked again (full on in the middle of crazy season) and I fixed it again.  THEN IT GOT HACKED again and I fixed it but then I was scared to even open the blog to update and by then I was about ten sessions behind…then the holidays, then life, you know the story.

But I’m back.  🙂

I had the pleasure of working with the M family this past weekend at their home in downtown Chicago where we did some indoor photos of this-soon-to-be-two-year old and some outdoor shots hanging out in the beautiful Windy City.

Thank you for allowing me into your lives for the morning so I could capture some beautiful photographs of your little guy! Enjoy the sneak peek.

Gold Coast Baby Photographer

Professional Chicago Photographer On Location In the Home Photographs




Isn’t he handsome??!  Loved working with this little guy.


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I have been photographing Little J since well, she was Super Little J.  I’ve received countless comments on one of my first photos of her, moms wanting me to duplicate the feeling of those toddler play time moments.  I’ve watched her brother, M, grow from just a wee one to the handsome little guy he is now.  I said in a prior post that I have been blessed with clients who understand that what I do is create timeless portraits for them to cherish long after their littles are grown and this family embodies that ideal.  I love that Becca saw this in me in my early years as a photographer and that she keeps coming back to have more of the same created for display in her home.  Thank you Becca and Craig for making me part of your extended family via my work.


LOVE this shot.




and a flashback for old times’ sake!


Told you she was Super Little J  🙂

and finally…


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I have been truly given the gift of an amazing client base.  Truly I am the luckiest photographer in the world to work with so many wonderful families.  Each of my clients has a truly special place in my heart and to me is part of my extended family – I watch their children grow up, I grow up with them.  It’s a pretty cool life I lead.

I’ve worked with this particular family several times now and every time I see them I always feel so warm and welcome in their home.  This past weekend I grappled with rain, dreary days and rescheduling but somehow the heavens parted and made this session happen for me.  For that I am grateful but I am even more grateful to them for allowing me into their world to capture some family images for them once again.  Thank you Erich & Kathryn for allowing me to be part of your family’s life!!

Enjoy your sneak peek!

south-elgin-child-photographerI don’t think I’ve met a set of brothers that so obviously loved each other like these two.  It was wonderful to see how much they enjoyed each other’s company!


This family image outside of their home was the FIRST shot that I fired once I got them set up.  My fellow photographers will enjoy that feat!  🙂

south-elgin-child-photosLittle brother is a handsome little dude!  Isn’t he?

chicago-suburban-on-location-photos-in-the-homeThank you for stopping in!

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  • Pamn - October 18, 2012 - 6:37 pm

    I would never have guessed you had weather issues, your lighting looks divine! What a precious family portrait – I can see the resemblances so clearly, and I love the closeness of them in it.