ENJOY this extended family photography showcase, super fun family photos Chicago of a SW Suburban family.  Thank you Jennifer for a great time and the opportunity to create these beautiful photos for all of you!  🙂   This was an exquisite November evening, what a gorgeous day (to go along with an equally gorgeous set of images)!  I am so proud of these images and hope they made Jennifer and her family as happy as I was to create them for her.





Casual_professional_photography_ChicagoAs you can see from these images: Marmalade Photography creates fun family photos for Chicago families.  We mix a lot of silliness during our sessions with a lot of personality infused moments.


There is no need to be so serious during a Marmalade Photography session.  😉










What gorgeous family photos, filled with fun and exuberance.  One of my favorite sessions of the 2014 season.  Thanks Jennifer & Family!

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Posting a really quick long overdue sneak peek for this Chicago family photography session.  For sure this fall season has kicked my butt (figuratively speaking).  Apologies to the beautiful M Family for this long overdue peek.

I was lucky enough to photograph this beautiful family about 7-8 years ago and have fond memories of hanging out with them on a hot summer day at the beach (I call it the “beachy forest” location).  It was a pleasure to photograph them, once again, a couple of weeks ago.  Honestly I think we caught the tail end of the beautiful colors of fall.  This really has been one of the prettier fall seasons in memory.

Thanks to Beth & Brad, M&M – I hope you enjoy your sneak peek of your Channahon family photography session!


Chicago_professional_family_photographer outdoor_family_photography_chicago

Love this dog, what a sweet sweet pup!


For Beth – I found this random snapshot while I was looking for a family image very recently – I don’t remember if you got a copy of this way back when or if it’s been sitting on my hard drive for all these years (like so many photos that I just never got back to pulling up!).  Look how little!  Look how cute!!

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Oh S family, so many memories and not enough time to describe them all!  These Channahon children’s photos were created with a continuation of style in mind from our many previous sessions together as a Channahon family photography specialist.

I met Whitney and the “Sofa King” back in 2006, not long after I started Marmalade Photography and am always thrilled to see them and their growing family.  Thank you to the kids for being pretty awesome and incredibly adorable (as always)!

I set a personal record for shooting a session with five kids in <25 minutes with some time to spare this time.  I impressed even myself!!  LOL  Enjoy your sneak peek.





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  • Whitney Surane - November 4, 2014 - 4:19 pm

    Mare! I’m in love! And I was a bit nervous this time since the babes were a bit cranky {or a lot} at that point in the day. Can’t wait to see the rest! Thank you! -W

  • Whitney Surane - November 4, 2014 - 4:20 pm

    Amazing! Especially since a few of the babes were a bit crabby at that point! Thank you and I cannot wait to see more! -W

Oh I love this (not-so-much-anymore) Naperville family photography session, I’ve known this guy and his lovely mom since 2006 when he was just a wee little one and I traveled to Antioch to visit them at their home in the far North burbs.  I simply cannot believe how quickly time flies and how big N is now!

Thank you Kim for once again trusting me with images for you and N.  It was an absolute joy seeing you last week!  Hope to see you again very soon.  Enjoy your sneak peek (and some flashback images I was able to dig up!).


Photographed above: a boy and his dog.  😉 Love Stella, she’s like the superhero of the dog world to me, what a great Golden Lab, she has the most beautiful coloration, doesn’t she?



and some flashbacks 🙂 ; these photos make me so happy – it is nothing short of an HONOR to watch my littlest clients grow.

From 2006 when I first met N at about 3 months old:


Flash forward to his one year session in 2007:


Fast forward to 2011:


Naperville family photography sessions with Marmalade Photography are filled with a lot of fun and relationship style imagery.  We specialize in creating beautiful family photos for Chicago and suburban Chicago families.  Please look through our extensive galleries on our website to get a good idea of what a family photography session with us is all about.

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I had the great pleasure of seeing an old friend and her beautiful family last weekend for a quick session in the forest.  This Orland family photos ession was created on a gorgeous fall day in Chicagoland.   The colors were vibrant and the sun was behaving juuuust so to create these images for this gorgeous Orland family.  Thank you to Debbi and her gorgeous kids for hanging out with me to get some gorgeous fall photos.  I hope you enjoy your sneak peeks!




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