Downtown Chicago Was Insanity Yesterday…

With Lollapalooza going on, Lake Shore Drive was beyond nuts, on the way home I took the Michigan Avenue shortcut (and as any Chicagoland dweller knows, Michigan Avenue should not ever hardly be considered a shortcut by any means!!)…

The VERY traffic worthy reason I went downtown to the City yesterday was to photograph a generations session for Tonya and her daughter, mother and grandmother. I feel honored that she chose my work to highlight this special time in her family’s life and am thrilled to present her with several session blog previews to showcase some of their time together yesterday afternoon at the “park”.  These lovely ladies hardly ever get a chance to see each other and this was truly a Hallmark moment worthy photography time in their lives.  I am thrilled that they allowed me to partake in this special time in their lives.

Thanks to Tonya and the lovely women in her life and to her sweet brother for helping us out along the way! Enjoy your sneak peek!!

Purple + Yellow = Divine

Gazing Upward

The Look of Loved

Hanging on a Park Bench



……now for some other stuff


Flower Girly

The Other Flower Girly

I cannot pass this opportunity to show off some more of my fabulous Urban Studio location stuff with my daughters (and some nature-y type stuff). I am so enjoying the area surrounding my studio, it continues to surpass the ideas of fun shooting that I had when I first envisioned going there to “work”. I also am not one to shy away from photographing the people who I love and inspire me and I also sort of experiment with the images I take at these mini sessions with my kids as well because, well, this is what I do!! So here are a few from several days ago with my kids. I am still so in love with the Marmalade Urban Studio Sessions. Some people might not believe that location matters and in the big scheme perhaps it doesn’t however I think, personally, that location DOES matter sometimes for me, it allows me to challenge myself with bending light and bending the backdrop of that location to what I envision it to be. I love the challenges on location work provides but I also like the creative flexibility of allowing myself to ‘work it’ and change up in locations that I do know well. To sort of find hidden gems amongst the usual.

Sorry, I totally digressed there on a tangent of sorts (us creative types do that on occasion!! LOL Enjoy some Urban Studio images of my kids as well as one or two nature ones thrown in for good measure!

It says “Heater Perfection” What that means…I dunno…?!

Another Heater Perfection!

Old Arched Doorway

Hammer Town

Great Find (random found object)



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