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Now For Something Very Serious : The State of Illinois State Parks

Now, I am the least political person I know (much to the dismay of my husband who loves a good heated political debate)View full post »

End of Summer Woes

Soundtrack: The Kooks.  Seriously could the lead be any more adorable?    Totally sound a bit likeView full post »

Two For One : Chicago Area Children’s Photographer

Before I get going let’s turn on a soundtrack. My good friend & brother Paula (aka Crushaholic) set up thisView full post »

Up North, Above It All : Chicagoland Child Photographer Takes a Break

ha, it really should read "took a break" First hit <play> to accompany the reading that follows if youView full post »

Baby Loves Disco, Taste of Chicago, Special Events: Chicago Photographer

As promised, I have a few BLD highlights here on the blog…since this was a special event I took a differentView full post »

Playing Catch Up with Sneak Peeks…

Before I left for the NorthWoods I had crisis after crisis occur with my site (still not totally fixed 🙂 ) and a ton ofView full post »


This is guaranteed to make you cry.  If you ever watched Six Feet Under you may already be familiar with this clipView full post »

Doin’ It Old Skool (sorta…)

Several months ago when Polaroid announced that it would be pulling out of the instant film market that it created (aView full post »

Originality and the Price of Emulation

Disclaimer: a bit of creative meandering about goes on in this post.  Deep thinking about vision.  Skip thisView full post »