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Amended post

The Boutique Session is being offered on April 12 and not the 5th.  My apologies to anyone who I have frightened withView full post »

Train of thought rambles…

Happy Belated Birthday to my Maddie and a belated bday to Maddycake, a client of mine who celebrated her first birthdayView full post »

Let Me Toot My Own Horn…and other horns as well

(wow that sounds dirty and I don’t mean it to! LOL) My copy is here! I ripped open the bag from WileyView full post »

Wardrobe Changes Galore…

This afternoon I had the pleasure of photographing the all too adorable (~swoon~ those eyes~) S. She is a beautyView full post »

Baby Loves Disco

Today I travelled to Wrigleyville to Metro to photograph this month’s (SOLD OUT! Woo!) Baby Loves Disco event.View full post »


I had the bestest time yesterday! DJ and his parents welcomed me into their home and let me photograph the early daysView full post »

On the Subject of Rockstars

…last night, somehow I was roped into going to see the Hannah Montana 3D Best of Both Worlds Concert (coming to aView full post »

Funny and Irreverent, Photos and Illness

I’m a big fan of blogs and YouTube. Well in fact I am a big fan of all of the riches everyday Joe & JaneView full post »

I know y’all aren’t going to believe me…

…but I feel writer’s blocked. I swear I have a mild case of A.D.D. because seriously I’ll type awayView full post »